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About Thomas

As a child I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my nonna, which inevitably inspired me to become a chef.  As we cooked together I would hear many stories of her young life in Sicily. I would always ask a lot of questions and my nonna would tell me stories with fringes about this mythical island. Even though I have Sicilian blood on both sides and I have traveled back to Sicily many times, the last two times I was lucky enough to be asked to help Noni since she was recovering from a surgery   and was then that I realized the passion and love Enza feels and gives with her tours are my feelings as well …… so the tradition continues!! 

So now I joined Enza and Savouring Sicily to continue something so uniquely special that has made these tours so successful in previous years.  My culinary skills owe so much to this land of many flavors and “cucina povera” (food of the poor) simple, fresh and lots of love.

Sicily has so much to offer all of us from deep wines from Etna to fresh seafood coming off the boat the same day as we prepare lunch in picturesque settings, to enjoying the immense history of the key of the Mediterranean blessed with art and such a hospitable culture. Which in return I would love share Sicily with you the way it has been shared with me. 

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