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Savouring Sicily Tours

Sicilian-Australian tour-guide, Enza Centorame, presents Savouring Sicily tours.


Savouring Sicily tours are 15-day customised Sicilian holidays with the *option of mainland Italian destinations as well. Each tour is unique as adventures are individually planned for the interests and abilities of the tourists. Read more to find out how Savouring Sicily can offer you the holiday of a lifetime!


*"Beyond Sicily" is on request from participants (minimum 8 people). Tours may be planned to include destinations in mainland Italy (like Rome, Florence and other nominated destinations).



What makes this tour special?


Led by a local, you will have access to experiences not available to most tourists. Experiences will include visits to famous sites as well as hidden treasures known to locals.

Your guide, Enza Centorame, arranges interactions with local friends and families, who are pleased to help Enza introduce their ancient cultural heritage, diverse customs and sensational culinary traditions. 

Enza invites you to join her for the holiday of a lifetime. This tour will take you off the beaten track!!


Learn more about why Enza began leading tours and why each is a celebration >


The tour group is small – Usually between 8 - 12 people which ensures that your experience will be personal and that individual needs are accommodated in a way that is impossible in larger groups.



“Without seeing Sicily you have no concept of Italy, since it is in Sicily that you find the key to all.”

 - Famous philosopher, Goethe, 1787


June 2020 Itinerary

September 2020 Itinerary

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What do Tours Involve?

Tours are comprised of a wealth of cultural experiences and world-class sight seeing.

How to Book

These steps will guide you through booking and planning your tour with your well seasoned guide.

Example Itinerary

Each tour is customised for the group, but this example will give an idea of pace and possible activities.

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