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What do Tours Involve?



Standard Tour Inclusions: 

Tours include visits to local markets, participation in cultural experiences, savouring the delicious foods and wines of the island, free time to explore before reuniting with the group and of course, plenty of local hospitality!


Visits to local markets and restaurants - You'll be introduced to spectacular restaurants, both famous and hidden gems, and participate in gathering local produce from markets. Your market finds will be used to to create meals authentice to each provinces culinary traditions.


Boat excursions to the surrounding islands are a relaxing way to sight-see and also a fantastic opportunity to sample diverse foods and wines.


Sightseeing excursions including educational visits to archeological and world heritage sites and a trek up Mount Etna.


Accommodation is all 4 or 5 star quality hotels.


Free Time - Shopping and recreation time allocated daily – dinner is our central meeting point. Of course we are flexible and will accommodate everyone’s needs.


Transportation - On the island, the group will ride in an air-conditioned bus operated by our experienced driver.


A Gift - All tour members will receive signed copies of Enza's book, The Ingredients of Influence.



Optional Inclusions: 


Some optional activities such as golf, sailing, live performances and boating incur added fees to cover items like ticket prices and rentals. 


Other activities that can be part of your tour include golf days, sailing out to the small islands north of Sicily on a catamaran, opera and ballet performances, extra sight-seeing and extra spare time.


Cooking classes taught in local homes - If you love cooking, extra culinary experiences can be designed into your tour. Previous tour groups have been invited into local homes to experience the warmth of Sicilian hospitality and to get involved in creating wonderful meals using the freshest of local produce including fresh caught seafood. Enza always ensures cooking groups get to taste sarde a beccafico (stuffed sardines) – one of Sicily’s signature dishes!


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What do Tours Involve?

Tours are comprised of a wealth of cultural experiences and world-class sight seeing.

How to Book

These steps will guide you through booking and planning your tour with your well seasoned guide.

Example Itinerary

Each tour is customised for the group, but this example will give an idea of pace and possible activities.

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